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Added 2 new drives, NBU not using them

Created: 09 Oct 2012 | 5 comments

Hello, appologize for newb question...

I installed 2 new lto4 drives in my spectra t120, got them zoned in on my switch, and they show up normally in NBU 7.5 however the drives just sit there and do not do anything while the other 4 drives run all night and many of my policies fail when the window closes.

Any ideas why the 2 new drives are not picking up any tapes?

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Check Storage Unit 'Maximum concurrent write drives' is >4 to permit the new drives to be used.  I presume you did add the drives to NBU storage unit.

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yes, I have changed the concurrent write drives to 6... and they show up everywhere, in the NBU devices, and in the T120 console..., but just do not load any tapes... the 2 also go down alot it seems.

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the 2 also go down alot it seems

Configured correctly? e.g. Is physical 'drive 5' actually configured as logical 'drive 6' & vice versa?

The easiest way to see if your operating system and NetBackup are seeing the drives in the same way is to move a tape into a drive (for example, drive 1). Then look at the NetBackup Device Monitor to determine what drive number NetBackup sees the tape in. If the device monitor sees the tape as being something other than drive 1, change the Robot Drive Number of the drive in the NetBackup Media and Device Manager so that it matches the robotic drive number in which the robtest utility shows the tape. You will need to complete this step for every drive in the configuration.

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i believe i got them going now.... went back into media and device managment and ran thru the configure storage devices wizard again.... will give it a few days and see if they are indeed working correctly.

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will give it a few days and see if they are indeed working correctly

Don't forget to come back & let us know either way! ;)