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Adding additional proccesses to Service Desk 7

Created: 23 Feb 2010 • Updated: 05 Sep 2010 | 3 comments

The big selling point for Service Desk 7 has been that you are suppsed to be able to add additional processes to it.  Well I have gone through my initial Workflow training, and I had built my big x64 LAB server and painfully learned the install procedure fo SD7.  I have read through the 180 page install guide, the 527 page user guide and the 67 page customization guide (seems a little shorter than the other 2). 

Now I am trying to simply add an new process.  Can't find anything that talks about it.  Training classes cover WF and SD seperately but not related.  I've tried to funmble through to clone and customize existing processes with minor success.

So, where can I find the training or documentation to take advantage of the aspects of the product that I was so promised?  Has anyone else found out how to add additional processes to SD7? 

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 You add new processes via the Workflow Solution. In order to do so, go to the Designer, which was included, and select any of the the existing workflows to begin customization. To create an entirely new process you need the full blown copy of Workflow.......

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Are you talking about modifying the existing SD process's or publishing  anew one such as "Software Request" ? if you provide more details I should be able to point you in the right direction

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It sounds like you are trying to create additional worfklow projects and have them integrate into ServiceDesk. I can share what I have done, I created a VM deployment request form. Its just a workflow a end user fills out and the information they fill out goes into service desk (process manager). if this is the case, create a new workflow project and in the components selection under "reporitng" are the components that can take the information a user fills out and stores it in process manager. The other option you will need to change is under the main project name and under reporting. Enable reporint and enter a prefix with the padding you wish to have. My VM request comes in as vmr-00001 and so on and my data is saved in SQL so i can report on it later.

hope this helps.