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Adding Category Classification to Problem and Change

Created: 03 Apr 2013 | 8 comments

I’ve been tasked to implement the Service Desk application.  One of the requirements is category classification for incident, change and problem.  This will be used for reporting/routing for incident, problem and change requests.

It appears the only way to specify a category is in the Submit Incident (Advanced) form or edit an existing incident ticket.

The Self-Service incident form doesn’t expose category classification to end-users .  How do you change this?

The change and problem management forms don’t expose the categories.  How do you change this?

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Lark's picture

I need this too - for the Change Management Module in 7.5.  Did you ever get any feedback from Symantec on this?

I can see the following would probably be needed

  1.  Extend CM ticket definition to include Classification (there is a video outlining how to do this I believe)
  2. Customise Create Incident CM feeder form to allow selection of Classification
  3. Add Process Type Action workflow to allow modification post ticket creation
  4. Add Classification to report builder
  5. Add rule set workflow to allow actions based on Classification
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Category classification should be coming up in SD's Apollo release for the Change module (unsure about Problem)

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Thanks reecardo - thats one more customization I can drop off the list - if it does make it into the final product!

Is there any word on Apollo release date?  Is it tied to the wider ITMS 7.5 release?

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ServiceDesk is no longer tethered to the ITMS releases as of 7.5. I believe the TENTATIVE date for Apollo GA is 1st week of November.

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Anyone got the link on how to add classification for CM? Can't seem to find the video tutorial as stated here. Thanks in advance

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Here is the overview video.

I would suggest waiting for 7.5 SP1 which is rumoured to be out on the 4th of November though.  If you have SD 7.5 that is...

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7.5 Sp1 will make this a lot easier across the board.  Nov 4 is looking good.... :)