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Adding existing media server to new Master Server

Created: 06 Feb 2013 • Updated: 18 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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Hello. I am creating a new NB environment, with one Master and multiple media servers. two  media server were  set up with an MSDP pool for de-dupe.

Each MSDP pool has 32 TB. I will like to add the existing current tape library to one of the media servers. The existing current library is Quantum I500 Scalar that currently has two dedicated partitions and 6 LTo4 tape drives (assigned to our existing media server).

My question is -- What will be the best way to add the tape library to the New NB environment.

Do I add the exsiting media server? Or do I create a new partition in the existing current library and configure in one of the new media servers?

what will be the best way to accomplish this set up.

The  current environment consist of the following:

1 master server  HPUX 11.11  NBU version 6.5.4

2 media servers: Linux 2.4  NBU version 6.5.4:

Tape library Quantum I500 Scalar  with two partitions:

6 LTO 4 tape drives

New NB Environment:

1 master server Linux 2.4  NBU version 7.5

2 media servers Linux 2.4 NBU version 7.5 with MSDP pool assigned 32 TB to each one. (SAN is NETAPP).

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What are the requirements regarding current media with valid images in 6.5 environment? 
Do you need to keep them for restores in old environment?
If so, maybe identify all Assigned media and move them into one partition?
You could then remove the other partition from old environment and assign to a media server in new environment. Or even share all devices in this partition between master and media servers in new environment if you need to duplicate MSDP images to tape. (You will need SSO license.)

PS: Please tell us about Linux 2.4 master and media servers?
If I am not mistaken, all currently supported Linux versions have 2.6 kernel (e.g. RedHat, SUSE, etc).

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