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Adding Ghost boot.wim to Windows deployment Server (WDS)

Created: 09 Dec 2013 | 1 comment

Hello, is there any new information on using Ghost with  Windows deployment Server - WDS?

I have extracted a boot.wim file from the following process:

  1. Ghost Boot wizard
  2. Windows PE
  3. Create Ghost Boot disk
  4. Save as ISO
  5. Extract boot.wim 

I then imported to the WDS server

Unlike Windows boot images in WDS you cant right click the boot image from ghost and 'Add driver packages' (it is greyed out), so the Q:

  1. How would you add network drivers to the Ghost boot.wim
  2. Am I right thinking these need to be Vista network drivers as .inf files?
  3. Does Symantec have any plans to get this (right click 'Add driver packages' menu) to work?
  4. Is there a new Ghost Boot Wizard that will creatre a newer Ghost ISO and hence a newer boot.wim?

Why is this so difficult...with 'Ghost with RIS' I set it up, it worked, I never had to add drivers....

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Answers to questions:

1. Use the Ghost Boot Wizard:

2. Yes you need Vista drivers if using the WinPE V2 supplied with Ghost. The following article provides more information on validating drivers:

3. There is no road map for Ghost development, and since the dev team was disbanded several years ago, I would not hold your breath for updates anytime soon.

4. This article written by another Ghost user will get you up and running with a newer WinPE version but you have to make it yourself:

<Why is this so difficult>.....

Blame Microsoft. The Ghost product is unchanged in the last few years, so if using WDS is harder than RIS, the blame cannot be levelled at the Ghost product.

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