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Adding a media server to its own Client object's server list?

Created: 19 Jul 2013 • Updated: 19 Jul 2013 | 7 comments
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We're running Netbackup 7.5, mixed Windows and Unix clients. I mainly use the Admin Console for config.

Quick question:

We have numerous servers installed as Netbackup media servers. Most have DD Boost installed and are only intended to back themselves up. To make this happen we have run the command nbemmcmd -changesetting -MUST_USE_LOCAL_DRIVE Y  on each media server. And this works ok. 

Each media server also appears in the Clients list. Couldn't I achieve the same effect (forcing a media server to only back itself up) by configuring the Client's Server list so that only itself appears in the "Servers than can access the currently selected host" list? 

So if ServerA is a media server but also has a client object, I would only add ServerA in the client obejct's Server list. Then no other medai server would be able to back it up.  

Is there a downside to this - would it mean that the Master server wouldn't be able to remotely manage that media server? 

Probably a crazy idea....

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RamNagalla's picture

may be i am not clear with your requirement..

are you looking for the Media servers needs to backup of its own data .. nothing els... ?

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I know I can use nbemmcmd -changesetting -MUST_USE_LOCAL_DRIVE Y.

Alternatively, can I edit the Client object of the media server, adding only itself in the Server list? 

Would that work, or would it create other problems?

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it does not work.. and it will create  EC 59 if another Media server got assigned by EMM server.

in anothe way..

you can create a individaul storage unit for each media server and assing that storage unit to the respective Media server backup policies.. it will help...but you need to create seperate storage unit for each media server..

MUST_USE_LOCAL_DRIVE  is the best way i can say..  that you already did.. 

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If I have told Netbackup to ONLY allow this server to backup the client, then EMM should not assign another media server! I have told it not to. 

I have many media servers on two sites. Only local media servers are added to a client's server list. But from what you say, EMM server could try to assign a remote media server, causing a 59 error....? I do not understand why this would happen. 

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 as you have already used this commnand  nbemmcmd -changesetting -MUST_USE_LOCAL_DRIVE  to inform EMM server, it will not try to assing other media server.. 

but if you did not use this commmand.. EMM server does not know that it only needs to use Local Storage unit, and try to assing which ever is avaliable..

and it does not aware about the what are the server list in client..  so it will allocate what ever the media server fits for the requirement..and if the media server entry does not list under the client, it will not allow the access to take a backup and end up with EC 59.