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Adding New Storage - Backup Exec 2012

Created: 10 Sep 2012 • Updated: 20 Aug 2013 | 8 comments
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We have a virtual server with BE 2012 and I'm trying to add new storage to a flash drive. We currently have 2 different storage locations, an external HD (I drive) and the local disk. I'm trying to add another storage location, which is a flash drive that also comes up as the I drive. However, when it's plugged in the external HD storage shows it's offline and when I try to create a new storage location, the I drive is not listed. Any ideas?


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Hello Jvetter,

     In Backup Exec 2012 we can create only 1 B2D (Storage) on one drive. So since I : drive is already utilised by the External HD drive the same letter can not be used again.

To solve your issue you can give different drive letter to the Flash drive from the Windows Disk Management and then it will be available for creating the B2D (storage) on it.



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Sorry Sush - it is the physical drive that is the limitation for one B2D per volume not the drive letter. More likely to be my other answer (below) that I was typing as you wrote your post.

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If the Flash drive is detected as Removable Storage in Windows Explorer, then it counts as a cartridge based device and won't appear in the Disk Storage Wizard, you need to use the Cartridge Wizard.

I also must have more than a certain amount of space (I think 4GB but might be wrong) as such if it is smaller than that it won't be displayed either.

EDIT: just noticed your media server is virtualized - we do not support PassThrough (USB, SCSI, SAS, FC) of any backup target devices into virtualized media servers, you may be able to get it to work but if you have issues you will need to prove that a physical server has the same issue for us to research it.

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We have the external HD using passthrough but you don't think I can add another?

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You are not officially supported for the first passthrough and might see very strange things happen when you unplug it and then plug it back in. Of course you might see it work. What we officially support is based on what we test, does not mean some other configuirations won't work. Just means you have to test it yourself.

With regards the flash drive it if shows in Removable Storage in Windows Explorer, then it is not supported for Disk Storage anyway  (even if it was a physical server) as it should be seen as a Disk Cartridge Device instead (meaning you might be using the wrong selection in the wizard hence not seeing it). In the BE Storage screen, you click "Configure Storage" and then select "Disk-based device"  and click Next. You should see a choice "Disk Storage" and "Disk cartridge device" as well as some other options. If it shows in Windows as Removable storage you have to select "Disk cartidge device" at this point.

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Thanks Colin, I did see it when I chose the disk cartridge device. Everything seems to be set correctly and I'll test it later today.

One other question. We run a full backup every other Friday and daily backups the other days. We'll be able to fit 2 daily backups on each flash drive, so we'll have one for Monday, Tuesday, etc. that will hold 2 Monday daily backups, etc. Is there a way that I can set it to overwrite the oldest backup each time it runs? That way, I don't have to delete the oldest before running another backup.

Thanks again for your help.

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OK, so that worked but I have another issue. I removed the flash drive and put in today's but it still shows offline in Backup Exec. It is the exact same type of flash drive and brings up the same drive letter. Do I have to configure a new storage device for each flash drive that I plug in?

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Almost certainly yes.