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Adding Tape Drives to a New Media Server

Created: 17 Mar 2011 • Updated: 19 Mar 2011 | 4 comments
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Hi Everyone,

I need to add a tape library and drives to new media servers running on HP-UX 11iv3 with NetBackup 6.5.6 update for LAN free type backup. I'm not quite sure about the steps involved, specially since the tape library and the drives are being used by the NetBackup Master Server and few other media servers already.

When adding a tape drives to a new media server, is it required to configure the robotics at the new Media Server too? Or just the Tape Drives? Robotics and the Drives are already being used by the Master and few other media servers as i mentioned.

According to the Device Configuration Guide, NetBackup uses Pass-Through paths for drive access. Do i need to create them manually since they are not appearing in /dev/sctl automatically ?

Appreciate if someone can provide some guidance on this.

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Its seems to be an SSO environment , If the Robot and Drives are already configured in master server and other servers , its not required to configure Robot at the new media server .

on the new media server,

1.Add the tape drives which should be visible to server and install the necessary drivers for the tape drive .

2.Install Netbackup media server software

3. Add the media server in the Netbackup Master server host properties

4. Run the Device configue form the Master server

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Along with the above steps need to complete, you should have Shared Storage Option licenses for the amount of drives you wish to share between the servers.


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Actually, this is what was holding us up in the end. Took some time to figure it out. Adding Shared Storage Option and Library Tape Option licences allowed us to configure the devices properly in the end.

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The Device Config Guide for NBU 6.5 does not really contain sufficient info for 11i v3 - have a look at 7.0 Config Guide:

Have a look at the topic: About device drivers and files for persistent DSFs

NetBackup supports persistent device special files (DSFs) for robotic tape libraries
and tape drives. Persistent DSFs are a component of a new storage stack addressing
model HP calls agile addressing. The device World Wide Identifier (WWID)
identifies a device; a device path does not identify a device. The device file name
of the logical unit is independent of the paths that lead to the LUN.
When HP-UX 11i v3 is installed, both persistent DSFs and legacy device files are
created on the system.
You can use persistent DSFs on some HP-UX servers and legacy device files on
others. However, if you do not use persistent DSFs, you must configure devices
manually in NetBackup.
Note: NetBackup device discovery finds persistent DSFs only. Therefore, Symantec
recommends that you use persistent DSFs.

Another extract:

Although NetBackup requires the /dev/rtape DSFs to configure tape drives,
NetBackup uses pass-through device files for drive access.
NetBackup creates pass-through paths for all valid /dev/rtape paths. NetBackup
creates the paths during device discovery or when you run the
/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan command. The following is the file name format:

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