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Adding Tape library to NBU master server that connected to Media server

Created: 07 Dec 2012 • Updated: 25 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All ,

I have the following scenario:

One master server 2008 R2 and 2 Media servers(first 5220 appliance and the second REDHAT) and the Tape library HP MSL8096-4LTO5FC.

Our master server is virtual machine. the media server is appliance 5220 configured as media server role.The Tape library connected directly to the appliance Fc port . My concern is Do i need to install driver of the tape library to the master server then add it as storage device or no need to do this as the appliance contains all needed software .I know that if the appliance had master server role so defently no need to install any additional drivers.

Please advice

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No need to install anything on the master server.

Drivers are only needed on the server that is connected to the devices.

You only need to confirm that devices are visible on the Appliance and library based tape drive license is added (if not capacity based license) then start Device Config Wizard on the master and select the Appliance.

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Appreciate your quick responce Marianne.

our license is capacity license.

"You only need to confirm that devices are visible on the Appliance"

Do you mean that the FC HBA connected to appliance or do you mean some thing else,so please provide me with the command that need to be run to verify if the tape library visible on the appliance.

start device config wizard means start configure storage device wizard is this right? or you mean configure disk storage server?

Again thanks for support


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On the appliance login to get to the CLISH (login as admin and your password using Putty or similar)

Go to the Manage menu

Go to the FibreChannel Menu

Type show

If the drives and library show up then you are good to run the device config wizard from the NetBackup admin console

If not then type scan and it will scan its but, then type show again to make sure that they are now connected and visible

You should then be good to go!

Hope this helps

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FibreChannel > show

the result is showing all FC port and and beside the connected ports shown(online)

nothing more.


I gave the WWN to SAN team for zoning maybe they didnt zone the ports yet

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The tape library was added smoothly to the backup syatem using the FC direct connection betrween the tape library and the appliance