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Adding ticket URL to SendEmail component in Workflow

Created: 13 Jan 2014 | 8 comments

For various reasons, we are using workflow to send out email notifications to our technicians when a ticket is assigned to them.

I am using a SendEmail component and i am trying to find an easy way (i.e. without having to edit the source in HTML mode) to send the URL to view the ticket.

I know there must be an easy answer, but i can't seem to find it!


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In the Send Email comp, when you have the email content "editor" open, I'd look for a Web Link formatter over on the left side of the editor. I think you have to highlight/stripe your link, then select Web Link Formatter.

Don't have WF up in front of me, so I'm going by memory.

Other option is to just put anchor (<A>...</A>) tags around your URL in HTML mode (but you didn't want to do that)

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I did see the Web Link Formatter, but i can't figure out how to use it. If i highlight some text in the body and switch the left pane to Web Link Formatter, it does nothing.

There's also a tab to add Html Elements, but when i add a Hyperlink to the page it just shows as New Link in the body and i can't seem to edit it.

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I was also wondering how to add a variable to the URL if i do use HTML mode?

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The only way I've been able to add the a hyperlink is to switch to HTML mode, locate where I want to add the link and drag in the hyperlink option from the HTML elements tab. If course you can also do it manually. If you drag it in from the Design page it is difficult to edit the link without breaking it. The Web Link Formatter, I believe, is an option if you have variable data that contains a hyperlink already. If you switch to some of the other options you can see how the options change. For example, the number formatter only shows the variables that would have numbers in them rather than text.

One option, if you don't want to edit via source, might be to create a variable in advance of the send email component which contains the URL string and then use that in the email. Just a thought.

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I did get it to work by editing in HTML mode, but only with text in the URL.

ex: "Click on this to open ticket"

What i really want is to have the actual ticket number (which is a variable: Incident.ProcessId) to show up as the clickable link.

ex: "IM-000001"

When I insert a variable instead of the text, it doesn't work.

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Is this for Service Desk 7.5/7.1 or another System? To do this you need to create the link in a Merge Text component before you use it in the email. For example here is the html for a link to a Service Desk 7.5 ticket if you have SessionId and ProcessId variables.

<a href="http://server/ProcessManager/Reports/OpenProcess.aspx?ReportSessionId=Incident.SessionId" target="_blank">Incident.ProcessId</a>

After this just click and drag this variable to use in the Send Email component.

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I am using the latest version Service Desk 7.5.

When i use the code you provided, it does create a link to the ticket, but what shows up in the email body that i receive is the variable name (Incident.ProcessId) and not the actual ticket number as a link (IM-xxxxxx).

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Are you clicking and dragging the bolded variables in my example from the list on the left hand side to create the string? Also please check to make sure the syntax is correct.

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