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Adding/Installing 1 Agent License to backup remote server

Created: 11 Sep 2013 | 7 comments

We just bought 1 (Agent For Windows) license to backup a secondary server. I've added it through "Installation and Licensing" & "Install options and licenses on this BackupExec Server" on the first server.

After importing both SLF files and clicking next, I find two duplicated "Backup Exec 2012" entries (one checked and the other not) and the "Agent for Windows" unchecked. 

1) Should I only check the "Agent" one and click next again (image 2_2.png) or should I check both? What confuses me it's that it seems to try to do a new install but I don't want to reinstall the server, just add this "agent license". I mean, I already see the license on the list but not sure if proceed doing the installation, also if I go to "License Information", I don't see any "Agent for Windows" count (should I? is this because I didn't make any backup yet?)

2) Another problem we are facing is that when we try to add the Backup Exec 2012 license in MySymantec portal it says it's incorrect (customer number and serial number are correct) but then i tried to add the Agent For Windows one and it was added successfully... 

Advice will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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On the screen represented by 2_2.png, you should check both the unchecked boxes.  

From your 2_24.png screenshot, it appears that you have installed the maintenance licences and not the actual licences themselves.

You should contact the Symantec Licencing department to sort out your problems.  They do not monitor posts on this forum.

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There is no 2_24.png, I've attached 1, 2, and 2_2.png

"On the screen represented by 2_2.png, you should check both the unchecked boxes.  " - So I should check the 3 items? (note: both "Backup Exec 2012" licenses are referring to the same serial number/they are duplicated - don't know why, I didn't install this server)-

If so, what are the next steps to follow? I clicked on next after selecting the "Agent" one, and i see what you see in image 4.png. I don't want to reinstall BackupExec2012. And i still don't see anywhere to activate the Agent.

I just want to make sure I add the agent license properly...

Thank you.

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There is no 2_24.png, I've attached 1, 2, and 2_2.png

When you click on 2.png, you will get 2_24.png.

You should just continue to the end of the process.  You can double-check that you have installed the licences correctly by clicking on the BE button then click on Installation and Licencing and Installed Updates.

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You are right in selecting the Agent for Windows & Backup Exec 2012 in Add licenses wizard. Continue ahead with the wizard and this will NOT reinstall the product. And yes, there isn't any explicit option to select Agent for Windows (Which you can confirm per your last screenshot). This is expected behavior and just click next till the installation wizard completes (During this process BE services will be restarted)

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Now on the last step I'm getting this error (I attach the screenshot)

Now if I try to do the process again, I don't see "Backup Exec 2012" on the Serial Number of Products, just on the Maintenance.

What could be happening?

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Try running a repair install of Backup Exec and then re-try installing the licenses.

Have a try @ these KBs too ~

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I tried to do a repair (through Programs and Features) and I get the same error. I called Technical Support for this, he saved some logs in order to do a research but i'm still waiting, the call didn't happen yet.