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Additional Command-line Switches option in DS 7.1?

Created: 10 Sep 2013 • Updated: 09 Oct 2013 | 13 comments
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We are looking at the viability of transitioning from 6.9 to 7.1 DS and we are running into some apparent feature diconnects. One big one is the lack of a location within 7.1 script tasks to pass additional parameters, via the "additional command-line switches" task option.

I haven't been able to find any information around how this is dealt with in 7.1. I am guessing there must be some simple answer that I am just not seeing.

Anyone have any input on this?


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If you mean in imaging, the deploy images, or create images tasks do allow for additional command lines.  For other WinPE tasks, I use a command script task.  Have no issue with any of those.

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I am speaking specifically about the 'Run Script' task. There seem to be a number of options missing in 7.1 that were there in 6.9. I am wondering if the options are actually gone or of there is just some non-intuitive change to process.

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The "additional command-line switches" option from the script task.

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I am just trying to understand the 'use case' there, what type of data did you put there?  I mean if the system is running a 'batch file, what can you put for a command line switch?

I mean I understand in a software delivery perspective that you may want to throw a switch onto the command line but what would you put in the box on a run script?

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I think you're confusing perhaps Copy File tasks and Run Script tasks.

A Run Script task would never have any command-line switches, because all it does is create a file and execute it.  If it's a command script, we create a bat file and fire it off.  VBS, we create a CScript and fire it off.  Why in the world would we want a command-line switch to go with... a command-line?  I don't get it.  Just put it in the command script and.. you have your command line switches.

What am I missing?  Perhaps you can tell us what you could do before that you can't do now so we can direct you accordingly.


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And that would be an argument passed to cscript or cmd?  Or something you are passing into your batch file?  How do you actually use that? 

Just trying to follow the reasoning...

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In the instance from the screenshot, there is a single script that is referenced by various tasks. The field is used to pass the script task specific parameters to dictate what the script does.

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I assume you are using the 'run the script from file' option in 6.9, since you talk about re-using the script with different parameters. In 7.1 to do the same thing you can make the script a software package and give it different command lines. Then you just create a quick deploy task wherever you need to call it and pick the appropriate command line.

If you want to stick with run script tasks, you'd have to explicitly call your script file from each run script task.. basically using a script just to call your real script (with the appropriate switches). If you want it to run locally you'd need to make the calling run script task first copy the script file and then run it from there. This is actually how I always did it in 6.9 as that 'Script Options' feature seemed kind of redundant and easy to miss.

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You don't need command line parameters you just create your own variables that will be prompt on schedule.  When creating a job that include this run script task you will be asked to provide a value for those variables.

here is a screen shot

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You, sir, win the prize.

This is what I was looking for but couldn't articulate because they changed the name. And you were the first to make the connection.


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You're welcome :)

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