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Adhoc backup requirement

Created: 08 Nov 2013 • Updated: 26 Nov 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi all,

I have a NetBackup environment where the master server is clustered (active-passive node). The backup happens in cross-site manner. Primary data center sends data to secondary site tape libary and vice versa. Primary datacenter has 10 media servers and secondary has 6. Tapedrive are 15 and 20 in number respectively.

Now I have a requirement, where I have to take the full backup of both sites just once and send these tapes off site. Please suggest best strategies for this requirement.

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jim dalton's picture

I'd would look to upgrade neetu, but thats not what you asked.

I think you need to go back and get some stated requirements that you can satisfy. What defines a full backup of both sites? It could be  a long list of servers and data, considering you have a healthy number of media servers.  Whatever the requirements are, it can only really culminate in a series of policies that you will need to run once, then deactivate.

There might be value in asking what the backups will be used for, as this could affect how you configure your backups.


Mark_Solutions's picture

It depends on what type of data you backup really - and if any agents are in use

If it is simple with just Windows and Unix clients then you could have two policies on each site - one for Windows and one for Unix each with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES specified and all clients added to the policies and the suitable retention period in the schedule

Fire those off and you are done

Hope this helps - but it really depends on what you have as there are so many variables

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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neetu's picture

Hi all,

Thank you for the suggestions.The entire estate adds up to 3000 clients. It is a mixture of standard file backups (both Windows & Solaris), Lotus notes agent based, SQL agent based and Oracle agent based backups. The master and media servers all run Windows 2008 R2.

Will the multiple copy option in "schedule attributes" help me? I have a backup window of only 12 hours every night(off business hours) as there is no separate backup NIC. How much will muliple copy option affect the load in master server?

The whole intention of this one-off backup is to have a secure copy of the current state of the data centers at off site. Currently, there is no off siting happening and the tapes reside at the respective cross site data centers. 

Mark_Solutions's picture

The multiple copies (often called inline copy) will actually slow things down, at least when the backup actually runs

This is caused by the way NetBackup handles the bptm process when doing inline copy

You may find it quicker to do the initial copy and then duplicate it to a second set of tapes

Tape is not really the best medium to use for this - disk or de-dupe would be far better and provide more speed and options

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Stumpr2's picture

Piggy-backing on Mark's suggestion. Use already existing images and create duplicates.

Site-A sends data over the WAN to be written to tape at Site-B so the existing tape at site-B contains Site-A catalog information and the Site-A client's images.

Site-B sends data over the WAN to be written to tape at Site-A so the existing tape at site-A contains Site-B catalog information and the Site-B client's images.

I would use bpduplicate to make copy #2 images of the last FULL OS and agent backups residing on Site-A
I would use bpduplicate to make copy #2 images of the last FULL OS and agent backups residing on Site-B
In this manner you will have the images you want and have done it in such a way as to minimize the number of tapes and did it by going over the LAN during non-backup windows.

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