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Administrator equivalant account problem

Created: 11 May 2010 • Updated: 15 Jun 2010 | 4 comments
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Hi folks,

I've created an administrator account on my console with all of the rights available.  My problem is that even with granting every right there is, inlcuding SysAdmin, my account still can't see the System tab.  Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?


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THat is interesting, will try and replicate that in my lab tomorrow, however I knwo there are some rights the Administrator account has that cannot be duplicated.  Which is why for example if you are using AD accounts you can have an DOMAIN\Administrator account and the Administrator local DLP specific account.

Will test tomorrow and let you know

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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Selecting the "Server Administration" in User Priviledges/System part of the General tab should give you access to System Tab.

One thing to note, is that if you add your account to multiple roles (which i think you have done) then you need to login with that role in order to see the access granted to that role.  Unfortunately adding yourself to every role does not give you the access assinged to the that role when you login.

If you wanted to login with the SysAdmin role then you must add the Role as prefix to your login name, example "SysAdmin\jjesse" or "Audit\jjesse"  if you do not specify a Role and you are a member of multiple roles, i think it selects the first role (in alphabetical order) when logging in.

You can see what role you are logged in with at the top right hand corner just to the left of the "logout | profile | help" links.  At least that's where it is in Version 9.  I forget it v10.x places in the same spot or not.

To get around logging in with different roles, I created a new role that pretty much gives me access to change and view everything (similar to the Administrator account) and just made myself a member of that role, and only that role.

Hope this helps

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sorry got busy at work and didn't get to this before Fabio did.  Glad he could answer the question

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners