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Advanced Open File option of Backup Job for backup VM to deduplication storage with GRT option

Created: 08 May 2013 | 6 comments

In order to  backup VM to deduplication storage with GRT option, VM backup with GRT option include File level only. No need include application level GRT (AD, Exchange, etc).

Do anyone know which Advacned open file option should be chosen in backup job in BE 2012 ?

Should I uncheck all the following Advanced Open File options ?
-use snapshot technoglogy
-process logical volumes for backup one at a time
-enable checkpount restart

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Enable snapshot technology & explicitly choose the Microsoft System VSS provider. And Disable Checkpoint Restart.

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I have opened symantec case about the issue of backup VM to deduplication storage.

One Symantec technical staff suggest me to enable "Enable snapshot technology & explicitly choose the Microsoft System VSS provider.".

Another Symantec technical staff suggest me to disable "Enable snapshot technology".

It confused me to configure advanced open file option.

Also do I need uncheck "process logical volumes for backup one at a time" option?

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Advance open file is not used during a VMware snapshot as we use a vSphere API request to create a VM Snapshot (can be seen in vSphere Client Snaqpshot manager during a backup) This request uses the quiesce option which means a request is pass throuigh VMware tools into the VM itself to snap the windows volumes.

This activity takes place irrespective of the setting for AOFO.

Similarly I don't think checkpoint restart appleis to VM backsup as that makes use of a change journal which is not activated by a vSphere API request,

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Hi Colin,

After changing all backup jobs for backup VM, most of them can be backup successfully. But several jobs was failed to backup with the following errors.


Final error: 0xe0009541 - Could not connect to the vCenter server or ESX server. Please verify the credential supplied for login. Final error category: Resource Errors For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-38209


I found  Symantec KB is similar to my case


Enable the Advanced Open File Option

After I changed the backup job to re-enable Advanced Open File Option, the backup can be backup successfully again.

Why this error happen?

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That style of technote is an indication that something in the product is not working as intended and the exact cause is stil being looked into. The last paragraph asking custeomrs to log cases istyopically an indicator that we have not managed to repdoce a conditioon and are looking ot gather more details form customers - as such I would recommend logging a formal support case.

Note: A workaround is a temporary solutiion whilst we look into the actual problem itself