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Advice remove code signing service for individual from user of China

Created: 26 Jan 2013 • Updated: 05 Jun 2014

What can i say? over and over again email, notary public, submit. but still cannot be authenticated ! 

About 3 weeks ago, I ordered a code signing for individual by Microsoft page. and then received a email from Symantec, The email tell me i need  to finish a notary letter, and then sent it toauth_suppo​rt_cn@syman​ So, i went to the notary public and get my notary letter, sent the notary letter to Symantec. but authentication department of symtech told me, The notary letter is not good, because no phtocopy id and need to use the template Symantech provide. so again i went to notary public and asked Notary, base on law Notary public wouldn't sign any English template! Notary public only sign the templates China government provide,but Notary public can provide copy of  the translation template  in English. So, i can only do a template from China goverment, and try it again. Then i 

submit the new notary letter to authentication department ! but pity, i still got almost same anwser. below is content:

"Hi, The notary letter is not good. We have sent you the template of our notarized ID form. You need to complete the form and get it notarized. Also the ID number on the notary letter should match the copy of ID."

I want to say, At least There're two things that's imposibble :

(1)Your English template, China notary public wouldn't sign, Notary public only sign the notary letter in Chinese, so in the passport notary letter, you'll only see the seal in Chinese, In the notary letter some English is just translation, so there's no seal in the English parts of document,  That's why i cannot use your template. Unless Symtech have a Chinese template or allow Notary public only sign tranlation parts(Chines) of your template

(2)China Notary public did the notary letter for passport, would'nt include copy of passport id, only would include the copy id of id card, because in China

    Id card number is the most important than others! so, the notary letter for passport, include the id card number , but didn't include passport id number!That's why the  "ID number on the notary letter should match the copy of ID"

In other hand, Even Symtech  don't have a office in China, but want to do a authentication for Chinese users/developers, even cannot contact you by the most convenient way. So, base on my practices and experiences, In China for individual code signing to use your template and do a copy of passport id matching, that is imposibble in passport notary letter.  Therefore,The last result that's a Chinese user/deveploper cannot get indiviaul code signing.

Don't remove the thread, i would continue discuss these on my fb or social site. Yes, That's true, if you are a user/developer from China, you won't get coding signing for individual.