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After Backup to Disc, Duplicate to Tape won't run

Created: 01 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

I've running Backup Exec 10.3 with a Central Admin Server and a Remote Server in a 2nd Location connected via Site-to-Site VPN.

The plan is das I backup all important data on the 2nd location there with a Backup to Disc. (Job created on central server). Works fine.

After that a 2nd Job (Duplicate right after the Job) is created which should take the Backup Files from there and write it down to an attached LTO4 Tape.

In the Job Setup Overview I see the first job as ready and the 2nd Job with "Linked to another job".

When the first job finishes the 2nd Job just changes state to ready but won't start or do anything. can't start manually. No Error message either.

When i copy the files to the central server and inventary them i can write em down to tape, so there ain't a problem with tape or so, aswell as all other jobs works fine that includes the tape.

Looks like there is a Problem that the central server can't fetch the backup to disk files from 2nd server. but don't know why.

I've tried to work with the shared backup-to-disc folder, but same output.

The only thing that works is if I directly backup to disc to a folder on the central server, but thats an uncompressed stream and why to big.

I've tried to use policies to create the job, but i can't create the policy beacue it requires the backup to disc folder and the tape has to be on the same server.

What i'm missing? how can i solve that ?

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Colin Weaver's picture

Prior to Backup Exec 20120 R3/2012 you can only run duplicate jobs on the original server that did the backup to disk

Which would mean your tape drive must be connected to that server and not to one at another location

With the 2010 R3/2012 versions you can make use of Deduplication on 1st media server, Optimized duplication to second media server at another location followed by duplicate to tape at that second location (makes use of CASO/ESO and a Private cloud configuration)

Fabian Dobler's picture

Possible to make this Could Configuration within one job or several linked jobs ? (fully automated)

Is there a good configuration guide for the cloud setup ?