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After install SEP12 client on windows 7 PCs, apps installation and uninstallation takes hours!

Created: 26 Sep 2013 • Updated: 26 Sep 2013 | 2 comments

We are experiencing this problem in our PCs (300 aprox), Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits).
The PCs are Dell (laptop and desktops) and it has great memory, proc and free space (is not a hardware issue).

After we install the SEP12 client ( the installation/uninstallation of applications takes hours, on the other hand without the SEP client it takes minutes.

We made a laboratory and tested what I'm saying, we installed a new laptop and the problem begins after SEP client installation (we tested with a SQL client msi installer and others programs).
Now I'm testing with enable/disable features in a test policy I made but I could not find a solution yet.

Please if you have some advice or something in your KB send to me, I could not find many info in forums...

Thanks in advance,

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Start with only adding the AV component to see what the result is. After that add PTP and test than add NTP and test. Hopefully this will narrow it down.

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Well... I found the problem, is inside the policy of device and app control.

We have blocked 'storage volumes' because we have to control access to USB pendrives and external disks. We have 3 groups (so, 3 policies), some users can read, others can read/write and others cannot even read, and that was the way we could control it.

Now testing, I remove 'storage volumes' from blocked devices and the installers/uninstaller run ok in time, taking only minutes. But now with this setting everybody could read USB devices (at least).

I tried with blocking "USB" but the keyboard and mouse don't works, even setting "Human Interfaces" exceptioned (only mouse respond).

I keep trying...
If you have some recommendations or best practices to do what we want (those 3 kind of policies related to USB access), it'll be greatly appreciated.