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After migrating to BE 2012

Created: 30 Dec 2012 • Updated: 17 Feb 2013 | 12 comments
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Hi All,

I've finally gotten to my W2008R2 file server migration and thus a new install of BEX 2012.  I have re-attached my same Quantum LTO-4 tape drive.  I will start fresh (ie, no migration or upgrade/import from BEX10d).  From what I have been reading here, I believe I need to invetory and catalog the drive and setup my new backup scheme using the tape drive, but before I do anything, I want to make sure;

1. Is it best to use the Symatec drivers or the Quantum drivers since I have the choice?  

2. I want to be able to recover data if necessary, from the old tapes (that willl serve as past monthly/yearly full backup archives) collected on my old W2003, BEX 10d file server.  I'd make a "Restore Data" directory on the new server and restore to it if old files are ever needed.  Is it as easy as putting the the tapes into the drive, invetorying and cataloging them, and then seeing the contained data to restore?  

3. Still unclear on the ups and downs of using hardware vs. software compression and if they are widely recommended.  

Tnx in advance!

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1) You should always use Symantec drivers

2) See my article below on how to restore your old tapes.

3)  Hardware and software compression will do the same thing to your data.  You should use hardware compression if you tape drive supports it.  Using hardware compression will offset the compression processing to the tape drive thus saving workload on your media server.

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1) we recommend symantec drivers
2) from storage tab on the console either you can right click and do the Inventory and Catalog or go inside slots and right click on each slot and do it that way.
3) Hardware compression is recommended

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...the same information was mentioned 10 hours ago...wink


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Thank you for confirming what I have said earlier.

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Symantec drivers are recommanded by support when :

there is an issue during backups , restore, duplication and it's the vendor drivers are used, so first we must test with our drivers, in many situations we ask customer to test with vendor drivers and it fixed many issues,

concerning the inventory and catalog it's easy to run just by right click on device/tape in media tab

Personnaly i recommend to set the proprieties to : hardware compression if no software

If you have ny other questions please let me know.

good luck

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Thank you for confirming what I have said earlier.

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...again, mentioned nearly half a day ago!!! (11 hours)...angry

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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PKH, Craig

The goal of this forum is to provide full information and more details about the solution , i didnt confirm any information gaven by you ,

i gave more info that none of u mentionned about the vendore drivers, and hardware if no software compression, if your goal is other things than help customers and give full details............

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Thanks all for the replies!!  I am on the side of more information is never too much information :-)

PKH, I saw your article but initially didn't get to the end where you stated the article was applicable also to a tape drive situation....tnx for the link!

I'll give it a try today...

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You are wrong. PKH is right. Symantec recommend using Symantec drivers in the first instance not, as you implied, when there is an issue during backups. When there is an issue during backups Symantec recommend using the manufactures drivers for diagnostic purposes. In some situations the manufactures drivers may fix an issue or provide better performance so the customer will be asked to continue using them. However this is rare.

In your reference to compression you are simply paraphrasing what PKH as already said in his first post.

You also talk about inventorying the catalog. What extra information have you brought to the table that hasn't already been covered in the article PKH posted. Or was explicitly mentioned by Gurvinder Rait…

.. Oh forgive me you did mention the Media Tab.

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...thanks for the clarification wink. It is always great to have things put straight.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

ksdst1's picture challenge.  I inserted an old tape full backup of my previous file server shares to inventory and catalog to test that I can indeed pull data from the old tapes and I got the following error "The password provided in the job properties does not match the password for this media."  We/I (inherited the old configuration) did not password protect the tapes unless it was automatcially applied by BEX10d when new tapes were added to the media set during preconfigured backup jobs ...configured by my predecessor.  I don't think so b/c i have worked with these tapes before to do restores and did not require to enter a password.  

I came across a users having the same error and they were referred to TECH194494.  Is the only work around?  If so, i'd need some clarification.  I don't understand in the solution how runnnig the commands from the BEMCLI circumvents the password prompt issue for the tape in BEX2012.  Can anyone explain the commands (eg. "enter password on the blank line" then "use the $pass variable in the catalog job"..get-bemedia B2D000031??).  "To catalog backup to disk media", B2D, does not seem to refer to Tape media or restore from tape media.