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after OS reinstall and No DLP agent

Created: 07 Nov 2013 • Updated: 07 Feb 2014 | 4 comments
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My customer's Question about DLP.

Users store data to the D partition. And C partion is OS.

When User format and reinstall OS on the C partion.

Then at this time there is no dlp agent.

User can copy the data from D partion to USB HDD at the new OS.

In this situation,

How can prevent data loss?

PGP is the only solution??

We also talking about NAC.

Operating Systems:

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In this case you will need to install the DLP agent Again.

PGP its a good idea to encrypt the Data.

Another thing that you can try is block USB Devices with Endpoint Protection or  protect with Endpoint Encryption Device Control

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A great question would be why a user in a corporate environment (assuming that is what it is) is allowed to format the hard drive?  Unless the user was using a corporate image with the DLP agent on it, then there would be no agent on that OS.  

NAC is a possible solution, but it sounds like group policy and user rights might be a good place to start.

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PGP encryption and endpoint protection block solutions

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If the customer is so concerned about this use case, then do not allow them to have a D partition! Seriously!!

Security is all about being secure, if they allow there computers to have a D partition then it provides a security risk in ANY situation, not just DLP.

The only option here is to encrypt the whole drive. Then nothing can access it if it is formatted or someone reinstalls an OS.

Hope this makes sense.

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