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After reinstalling SEPM 12 clients show offline in the console

Created: 25 Aug 2011 | 10 comments

I just reinstalled SEPM 12 and restore the database from my backup,  it seems to be all ok but the problem is that when I opened the console I can see some clients online but MOST OF THEM ARE OFFLINE.

I went to see the status in the computer clients and they are with the green dot, with the current definitions and in troubleshouting the server is online. What makes me think that they are having a correct communication with the server but for any reason they do not appear online in the console.

Before the reinstallation all was working fine. I had to reinstall because the database was corrupted.

Do someone know how to correct this?


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Did you restore the JKS file?

Copy server.xml from  \Program Files \Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\tomcat\conf and keystore.jks from \Program Files \Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\tomcat\etc  old installation folder to new installation folder run the management server configuration wizard and try 

If u restart SEP service on the client, does that work?

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I want to believe those files were recovered automatically, because my old installation was version 12 too and in the Disaster Recaovery best practices say that you only need the disasater recovery file located in

Drive:\\Program Files\Symantec\ Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Server Private Key Backup\

And in the Management Server Configuration Wizard I just chose "Custom configuration" and "Use a recovery file".

Should I do it manually?

One more thing I noticed is that some times the number of the online clients in the console increases and suddenly decreases.

I tried restarting the computer client, is that a valid test or should I specifically restart the service?

Thanks for your help

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If restarting the client does not help in that case delete \he sep Client from the SEPM console.

Deleting the SEP client from the SEPM console will make the clinet re-register them self to SEPM

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I deleted SEP clients from SEPM console and after a moment the clients appear again but still offline

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open sepm

clients->polices->gernal settings-> I belive there is an option to use client certificate

uncheck this,delete client , check client if it has green dot in SEPM.

what view u r in ? in SEPM if u select default view, does that show green dot?

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you can use sylink replacer and update the sylink file on the clients .

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Ahora resulta que de un rato a otro ya se volvio a dañar la base :(

Ahora tengo que reinstalar nuevamente.... :('s picture

Men ya lograste resolver este problema, o tengo el mismo incidente., tienes algo que me pueda ayudar please

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Thanks all

I reinstalled without restoring the database and used the new database created with the installation, I think my backup was corrupted.