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After SDR restore completion the restored machine goes into workgroup

Created: 13 Jan 2014 | 4 comments


We are using BE2012 SP3 and backing up couple of machines using SDR option enabled. We have noticed that after SDR restore completion/rebooting the remote computer the windows machine shows as it is in a workgroup. Please let me know how to get it restored as a part of Domain. 

Thank you

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Are the original machines up and running when you reboot the restored machines? You should shutdown the original machines. Otherwise, the restored machine will clash with the original machines and be kicked out of the domain

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Hello Pkh,

the original server is running but network cable was unplugged while we were doing the restore. 

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As well as PKH comment be aware that if the machine account in Active Directory has changed it's password since the backup was taken then the machine will not login to the domain and will need resetting (usually by going back to a workgroup and then adding back intio the domain) As you do not control machine account password resets (Active Directory/the server does it in the background you won't know when this has happened until after you have restored and rebooted.)

Basics of what happens is

a) you backup server when it has password 1 (stored locally on it)

b) the server changes the machine password in both AD and on the server to password 2 (timings based on background processes and settings and this only takes place if server is talking to AD and not offline)

c) You then restore the server back to password 1, but AD now only knows password 2 which causes a mismatch and various domain login failures

This effect is outside of Symantec's control as it is a fundamental aspect of AD security, although when this happens the affected server will still have the domain config, you just will have problems logging into domain resources from it.

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Hello Colin Weaver,

Thank you for the response. The machine that we are trying to restore is not a DC it is just a member server of the domain. THere is no password changes happened while we tried the SDR restore. 

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