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After upgrade of NB from 6.5.5 to policies listing on console is slow

Created: 23 Nov 2012 | 15 comments

Hi Folks,

One quick solution required from all.I have upgraded from 6.5.5. to on our environment.After upgrade java console is loading fast and i can able to see activity monitor,device monitor & media very quickly but if we click policies its taking 10 to 15 minits to load all policies list.I have changed memory initialize to 512MB & Maximum memory to 1024 MB and NBJAVA_CORBA_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT=1200 but still its slow.

Any one faced this kind of issue before?

My master,media server is soalris 10.

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Please apply patch and check how it works.

i had the same issue when i check with 7.5 and improved with .. 

hope it helps to you also.. 

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Hi Nagalla,

At this moment we can't suddenly chnage patch upgradation because we already tested on all clients because all critical server has been configured and getting down time for upgrade is difficult.Symantect given any idea for this slowness issue?



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you does not need to upgraded the clients at this time,  just upgrade the master server , and it would not take more than 30 min..

higher version of master servers( will still support the lower version of the clients( so you can upgrade the clients later when you have enough time..

desission is yours...

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Did you miss this recommendation in the Upgrade Portal?

4.  NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 4 ( should be applied immediately after the 7.5 installation has been completed.

You may also be experiencing one of the many issues described in Late Breaking News Bulletin, for example: 

(ET2832342) <<Fixed in>> <<Fix Downloadable>> After upgrading to NetBackup version 7.5 through, multiple bpdbm processes appear to be using excessive CPU time.

PLEASE upgrade your master to ASAP...

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I am having a similar issue with slowness of policies loading once I click on one.  I am running  I believe the slowness started once we upgraded/utilized the Vray side of things and created policies to backup VMs.]

Any ideas?



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Still working with symantec.Some of the client reverse lookup is not working and symantec recommand to fix reverse lookup issue.I am working with network team to fix the issue.Let you know about performance. once issue fixed.

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I'd be interested to know if bppllist -allpolicies -U is also slow?

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what is bppllist? is that a command i can run from the master server?  something to run from the console?


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You should run from master server.Below is command..

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bppllist -allpolicies -U

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There is no issue with bppllist command..its run within 2 minits for all policy list.

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Great so it's just a java console issue, I'd recommend what Marianne suggested and upgrade to on the Master server.

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I dont think slowness issue will resolve if we upgraded because you can see same problem having another one person with version...

Hope its problem with DNS name resolution and i m working on it.Will get back to you with result soon.

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We also have same issue of slow (or failed) population of policy list in gui after upgrade to  Similar behaviour in 2 different environments at 

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Please go and delete decommisoned policy and servers from the active policy list...Then do the cach cleanup.Your issue will be resolve 70% slowness..