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After upgrade of SSR 2011 to 2013 a full backup is run instead of normal incremental

Created: 01 May 2014 | 1 comment

Can someone please answer this for me:

I have a job that runs on a remote server to backup the C drive, becuase this goes over a slow link the full must be transferred manually (USB) and then incremental backups happen over the slow link nightly.

After I upgraded SSR from 2011 to 2013 the same backup job is trying to run a full backup instead of the normal Incremental. I have 18 sites and don't want to have to create all new full backups for all these sites after this upgrade.

Please advise....

Also how many Incrementals can you keep (for best practice) before requiring another full backup?

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Because of the new drivers in SSR 2013, a new full backup (regardless of schedule) will be run for the first backup after the upgrade.