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After Upgrade to v6: monitor:Blockmountpointaccess not configured

Created: 05 Sep 2012 • Updated: 11 Sep 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi there

We upgraded our Test single Node cluster to the version 6 with cp2.

After the installation and reboot all of the mountv resource are in a failed state.

in the mountv_a.txt logfile i found this line: monitor:Blockmountpointaccess not configured

Any suggestions how to fix that?

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Sigi's picture

the problem with the mounting appears right after the update with the cumulative hotfix update 2 (cp2) on v6.0

Everything is working fine after the upgrade from 5.1 sp2 to v6.0

2012/09/06 14:53:10 VCS DBG_21 V-16-50-0 MountV:LOGS:monitor:*** Start of debug information dump for troubleshooting ***
2012/09/06 14:53:10 VCS DBG_21 V-16-50-0 MountV:SYSTEMDB:monitor:vxVolume open failed
2012/09/06 14:53:10 VCS DBG_21 V-16-50-0 MountV:LOGS:monitor:GetDgVolumeGuid failed. Error: 33
2012/09/06 14:53:10 VCS DBG_21 V-16-50-0 MountV:SYSTEMDB:monitor:*** End of debug information dump for troubleshooting ***

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Hi Sigi

Look at the located at C:\Program Files\Veritas\Cluster Server\conf\config, the MountV type is most probably missing the "BlockMountPointAccess" attribute.

Issue a hastop -all -force 

Take a backup of the existing file.

Manually add or modify the MountV resources attributes with "boolean BlockMountPointAccess = 0" to the and save the file.

Should end up looking like this:

"type MountV (

                static i18nstr ArgList[] = { MountPath, VolumeName, "VMDGResName:DiskGroupName", ForceUnmount, ListApplications, AutoFSClean, "VMDGResName:DGGuid", PurgeStaleMountPoints, CheckFSAccess, BlockMountPointAccess }

                i18nstr MountPath

                str VolumeName

                str VMDGResName

                str ForceUnmount = READ_ONLY

                boolean ListApplications = 1

                boolean AutoFSClean = 1

                str MountResName

                boolean PurgeStaleMountPoints = 1

                boolean CheckFSAccess = 0

                boolean BlockMountPointAccess = 0


Restart HAD on all nodes using hastart -all.

Resources should now probe.