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after upgrading BE2010 to 2012 -> Library Expansion Option Violation

Created: 24 Sep 2012 | 3 comments


After upgrading Backup Exec 2010 R3 to 2012 SP1 i get always the Alert "Drive Information" Library Expanson Option Violation. But i dont understand this alert -> The licence for one robotic library is installed, the vtl unlimited drive option too.

any ideas?

Thank you


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How many tape drives are installed in your Robotic Library (the physical one)?

As per :

For Backup Exec 2010 and later versions:
Following support is included with Backup Exec by default:
  • Support for a Single Tape Drive in every Robotic Library.
  • Support for Multiple Stand-alone tape drives.

However If you have, or are planning to use a Robotic Library with multiple Tape Drives, additional LEO license(s) are required to be purchased and installed for each additional tape drive in order to use them with Backup Exec.

  • A congifuration of 2 Robotic Libraries with 2 Tape drives each will require 2 Library Expansion Licenses to be purchased and installed.
  • A configuration of 1 Robotic Library with 4 Tape drives will require 3 Library Expansion Licenses to be purchased and installed.
  • A configuration of 4 Robotic Libraries with 1 Tape drive each will not require any additional licenses. (since support for a single tape drive in every Robotic Library is included by default in Backup Exec 2010 and later versions)
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Thank your for your answer. I have a Robotic Library with 1 Drive, so what i know i dont need a addional lic for Backup Exec.

thank you


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i open a case by symantec -> if i have a solution i post it here for information.