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The Agent for Applications and Databases - How to license SQL Server Agent

Created: 14 Apr 2013 • Updated: 15 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

According to the current Symantec Back Up Exac Licensing Guide, to license SQL server –

“Per Microsoft SQL server (includes the Agent for Windows). Note: Microsoft SQL can run multiple instances on a single server; when this is encountered one license will cover the multiple instances present on the single server”

 As per above - Customer with 1 server running 3 SQL instance will need 1 x Agent for Applications and Databases license. This is something very new to me .

As far I know it was licensed per SQL server.

Can someone please advise (Using 1 x license for multiple SQL instance ) - If this is working for them or not ?  Also what would be the best practice? And why ?

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What you have mentioned is right. One Agent for Applications and Databases (Agent for SQL in this case)  per SQL server (ir-respective of the number of instances on the server)

And the licensing guide also mentions the same.

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Thanks for your Quick Post .

Actually my customer mixed up with SQL instance and SQL virtual Machine.

They are running 3 x SQL virtual servers in one host along with other VM.

So I think they should purchase 3 x Agent for Applications and Databases.

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The licencing is per machine, regardless of whether it is physical or virtual.  In this case, your customer needs 3 licences because of the 3 VM's.  The host does not count.

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Are you using regular BE or V-Ray edition?

With straight up BE licensing, you will need 1 SQL per instance, along with a Virtualization agent.

However, if you are using BE V-Ray Edition, the licensing is all inclusive per host and you can spin up as many virtualized machines & databases without the need for additional licensing.