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Agent broken, unable to remove

Created: 14 May 2013 | 1 comment

I have an issue where the SM Agent got broken on a machine I'm preparing for image capture.

The agent service had stopped for some reason. I started it again, but the agent icon in the tray remained unresponsive and the machine stopped checking in with the server. This continued after a reboot.

I decided to remove the agent and try reinstalling. So I ran AexAgentUtil with a /UninstallAgents , follwed by a /Clean

This removed the agent from the tray, and also removed the SMA service. I then rebooted the machine, and removed the Altiris folders from Program Files and Program Files (x86).  All well and good I thought, however now the agent will not reinstall and I think I've discovered why.

It appears a rogue registry key was left behind (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\Altiris Agent) which I am unable to delete as it appears corrupted in some fashion. When I try to access the key, or delete it, I get an error stating... "Error Opening Key:  Altiris Agent cannot be opened. An error is preventing this key from being opened. Details: The system cannot find the file specified.".

This is now the second time this has heppened and the agent hasn't been removed properly.

Any ideas how I can remove this key so I can reinstall the agent?


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Can you look at the security or the ownership on the key in question?  If you can, can you reset the ownership to you, change the permissions, and try to delete again?