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Agent Deployment with Plug-ins

Created: 10 Oct 2013 | 2 comments


I am currently pushing the Altiris agent to 200 machines.  I created filters using SQL query tool targeting machines with 'BL4' and 'IS-LDG' within the name of the computer in order to target only 200 machines.

When applying these filters adding rules within the agent push, and I update the target list, all the machines appear as normal.

I want to apply the following plug ins as well to the same filters:

1) PC anywhere (host only) option - I think this is so we can remote in but not connect out.

2) software inventory

3) hardware inventory

4) software deployment

5) symantec management agent

6) software update plug in

7) software management plugin

I've turned on these plug ins, I assume it will go find the machines that have the agent on it and apply these plug ins.

My problem is I can't apply the filters I made to the plug ins.  I have to choose just the operating systems it appears.  The reason I want to be selective is because we have stand alone PC anywhere installations in our enviroment that will be wiped out if I deploy the plug in.

Furthermore, WhenI get the count under each plug in to the machines its applied to, there not matching the 200 machines I pushed the agents to.  I want these numbers to reconcile.  Any tips?

Operating Systems:

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Hi jason,

I can suggest the below article and use a scripted install.

What are the command lines to manually install subagents in Altiris 7



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Hi, jason:

Here you can find a script (based on the article ssv1984 has sent) that you can use as a sample to create one for your needs:

Kind regards:


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