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Agent push-installation

Created: 04 Apr 2013 | 4 comments


I have BE-2012 with the latest SP (SP1a) and patches.

When I try to install an agent with the remote wizard then during the installation process I get a

screen like shown in the attachement. On this screen-capture you see all the remote-computers

listed. As soon as the number of remote server reaches the booten on this screen, all the additional added

remote computers are listed "next to each other" and not "one below the other" (sorry for my english).

If I wanna click on the remote client name on a "next to each other" computer then sometimes the system does not

check my mouse click and the next button stays inactiv, so I can't continue the installation process.

Soemtime it helps to use the keyboard to select the remote computer to continue the installation.

Is this a known bug ?

regards goro

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CraigV's picture

That's a weird one...have you tried to select a smaller set of servers initially to see if it allows you to continue?


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Jaydeep S's picture

I think you are speaking about ITINFRAS... DYNAMIC.. ADFS-CR... Servers. Have you tried using the scroll bar below to get the names to the left and then select them. It should work this way.

Colin Weaver's picture

Definitely use the scroll bar at the bottom to slide the screen sideways

Or select one of the ones in left column and then use cursor keys to move to the one you want.

I suspect this might be something to do with length of servername and default font sizes on your server (not sure though)

goro1503's picture

Hello CraigV, Jaydeep and Colin,

Just to make it clear, I have an english version of the OS and also the english version of BE.

The font is the default.

Off course, I have used the scroll bar to show the names on the right. Even then using the mouse doesn't work. The only way it works is, choosing a name on the left and then using the cusor buttons to select the name.

Colin, a tested GUI should not be dependent on how long my servernames are or what font I use. Maybe someone at symantec checks this and fixes this in a future GUI-patch.

regards goro