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Agent Registration pops up after RS upgrade

Created: 27 Jan 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments

Hi everyone...
A small but annoying problem....or as matter of fact, its pretty big.

Yesterday I did an upgrade of the RS-server from 6.2 sp.2 to sp.3 and all went fine.
But today when user starts their computer they got the popup screen for Altiris Recovery Solution Agent Registration!!
Then of course our IT-support gets a lot of calls.

And they have to click at "Change"-button to use the logged in (and right) user, NOT click Register because then it creates a new account.

Why is that and how do I solves it?

I remember we got same issue when upgrading to sp.2.

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From the Reference Guide:

If the user logged onto the protected computer at the time of the automatic upgrade is

not the user who originally installed the software, then the user sees a prompt asking for

new credentials. If the logged-on user has never manually accessed the existing

installation of Recovery Solution, then the account is added as a new user of the

computer’s account.

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hmm...we use a task to force installation of RS for all computers in a laptop OU. And most often when computer is placed in this account the IT-support is working to install apps. etc.

What they have to do when this appear is to change "installations type" and choose the right owner.

So if what you say is correct it means that our IT-support account is the "owner" of RS!!??

Any suggest to work this out, the first installation?

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The only thing I can see would be to install RS when the end-user is logged in. You can edit the users of a particular machine after the fact to remove the IT user from the list, but it is a one-by-one process unfortunately.

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I have the same problem with a customer.

Have we a diferent or new solution about it after 25 five weeks?