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Agent for VMWare Backup Speed

Created: 23 Feb 2014 • Updated: 10 Apr 2014 | 5 comments
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what kind of speed are you getting from your agent for vmware backup?

Backup Exec Server 2012 sp3 is Windows 2008 R2 64 bit with 1 GB Link

Vmware is 5.0 Latest update with 1 GB managemnt link

using NBD without any GRT -  seeing speeds of about 2000-2500MB/min

is anyone getting better than this? 

anyone seeing much better than this? does 10GB ethernet make a big difference in this setup?

should i be doing SAN transport mode?



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I believe you would be getting better speed with SAN transport.

GeorgeD29's picture

i would love to see a number from someone using this method. 

the other deal breaker for me is that with my current emc san and brocade switches, it doesn't seem that either support read only LUNs/connections.

I do believe there is an option for hardware snapshot which would utilize emc snapview (which may support read only mode) but i havn't checked out all the requirements for that.

is anyone doing any of these methods? can you provide some sample speeds?

FYI -- using LTO6 

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...FC switches won't have anything to do with RO LUNs. They'd simply zone the server HBA and storage to see each other, provide hardware-specified port speeds or auto-negotiate this etc. Simply a pass-through in other words.

As for the EMC storage, snapshots aren't a means for matter what people say. At the end of the day you need a proper backup to be done, either to disk or tape, depending on your requirements.

The RO LUN is how Windows sees the LUN, not the storage. It is configured with the "automount disabled" switch so that when the LUNs are presented to your Windows-based media server, Windows does not write a signature to them and wipe out your VMs.

This is covered in the section on how to configure the AVVI agent to run across a SAN in your version's admin guide.


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i am far from a fiber channel expert, but i did see some options on a cisco mds switch to support read only zones. Now i have no idea if ths means the zoned lun is then read only, but i dont have this switch so there goes that.

for the snapshot solution. i agree a snapshot alone is not a valid backup. however the thought there was a snapshot that was marked as read only, that would then be zoned and attached to the backup server. then it could be utilized for the backup. this seems to be supported with VSS driver from EMC and the Snapview solutions enabler. (still researching this and if i'm fully licensed for this option on the EMC side).

i see that a few different vendors support this lan free option with 'automount disabled'. the risk here is way to large for me to consider this without assurnace that the LUN had a second layer of protection outside of someone or some service accidently trying to mount those drives.

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Sorry George, I don't know why I didn't respond here.

That "automount disabled" switch simply means that when you open Disk Manager within Windows, it doesn't try writing any signatures to it and wiping out the VMFS volume. This doesn't, however, prevent someone from doing so manually!

Here you'd need to look at locking down the media server quite a lot and allow only select, and informed! users to log on and do what they need too. I mentioned this in a post a couple of years ago, but another consideration is a logon message for the media server stating that NO disks are to be initialised.


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