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Agent won't communicate

Created: 24 May 2012 | 2 comments

I have a machine where I can not get the agent to talk or accept jobs. 

Background:The computer had a bad hard drive so I replaced the job and reimaged it. The unattend file didn't get copied over correctly so it didn't name itself correctly. It was name the same as one of our other computers. Once it finished imaging I couldn't connect to it with PCanywere so I went over and manually renamed it. The computer woudn't check in or update the name in the console.

I tried resetting the agent, removing the agent and installing it again. Then I booted to automation to reimage and the machine showed up as another machine. Minit-XXXX. Trying to drop a job on this machine in the console didn't work either as it said the task couldn't be run. I rebooted again and this time the initial deployment window came up. I chose an image job, but it never started. Looking in the console it never actually got the job. Rebooting to automation again didn't help so I decided to image it by hand with ghost. I've imaged it (now with the correct name) and the computer still won't talk. I can't run jobs, it won't update it's agents nothing.

Has anyone run into this before?

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to check the agent log. It should have a message saying why it's not communicating. Might be something simple like not in the correct AD OU so Windows Firewall is turned on by default.

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Is it possible that the system has been blacklisted?

While not directly related, there is information on blacklisting in the following KB:

After an upgrade the request for a new client policy fails with an unexpected response

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