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Agente de backup exec 2012 no se ejecuta en TMG server

Created: 12 Jun 2013 | 4 comments

Hola buen dia,

Les comento que instale manualmente el agente de backup 2012 en un servidor TMG 2010 con windows server 2008 R2

El  servicio de backup exec remote agent for windows no se ejecutaba, agregue la configuracion de ndmp  10101/tcp  en C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\services  con este cambio el agente se ejecuta correctamente, pero no se cominica al Media server. intento configurar manual mente el agente pero al aplicar cambio el servicio deja de responder. me pueden ayudar ya que mi cliente esta evaluenado al producto.


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Check the TN below:

Make sure you read the NOTE: section.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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thanks for the article make the changes:

  1. In the TMG server:
  • ndmp 9000/tcp # Network Data Management Protocol
  • Restart Server

     2. In the Media Server

  • Dynamic Port range 1025 - 65535

Run a telnet from the media server to TMG and port 9000 is open.
if you run a telnet from TMG to the Media server port 9000 is not open.

I could help because my client is desperate for this topic.

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if you run a telnet from TMG to the Media server port 9000 is not open.

Have you tried another port?

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Do you see the media server's NETBIOS, FQDN or IP when you open the remote agent utility on the remote server and go to publishing?

Do you see a security certificate in the security tab on the remote agent utility?

What NDMP port do you currently have for the remote server?

What NDMP port do you currently have for the backup exec server?

Check if you are able to ping the remote server with the FQDN and IP and vice versa

Check if you are able to telnet the remote server on the NDMP port that is set and vice-versa

Please post the above information as this will help us isolate the issue. Since the remote machine is a firewall server we might as well have to create some policies in the TMG console to allow connections.