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Agentless Inventory - Network Printers

Created: 28 Mar 2012


I became the tip to post this in the server forum and not in the client management, hopefully you can help me!


I have problems with the Agentless Inventory.


I did following:

- Via Network Discovery task, detect our printers in the environment

- This worked good, and most of them went to the respective Org View (Network Printers)


Now I tried to do the Agentless Inventory on the Network Printers, I tried almost everything.

- on Default Group with selected "Network Printers"

- on Networkprinters with every option selected

- created a seperate view, tried there the agentless inventory.


Everytime e get 0 inventory (0 new, 0 updated, 0...)


But what is functioning is the selective Inventory, if I choose "individual Device" and select a printer, the inventory works.


The environment is up to date with 7.1


Any help woud be appreciated