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agents need admin rights to run

Created: 24 Oct 2012 | 8 comments

I have backup exec 2012 installed on a win 2008 server.  i am unable to push agents to xp machines and receive the error message: " install failed with error code 1603."

I was able to install the agent from the pc itself under a local admin account with the raw folder.  however since our users do not have admin rights they are not able to run the agent when logged in as themselves.  what is the work around?

I appriciate the help.

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Make sure that the Remote Agent Service on the XP machine is started using a Local System Account. As is the users need not interact with the RAWS service anyways.

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Are you talking about the DLO agent as the Remote Agent for Windows runs as a servcie so is not part of the end user profile and once installed not subject to the end user permissions.

Also push installs need admin access (remotely) to the file system  and registry, share level access  to admin shares and some other remote security access. Typically group policies and default security settings can block some of this which is why a local install logged in as admin works.

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does 2012 still use DLO, I installed the "agent for windows" on the clients.

Group policy add my admin user account to all computers local admin group.  I've never had an issue remotely installing the agent on win7, however I have never been able to install remotedly on an xp machine.

all settings are the same...

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Nope 2012 does not come with DLO but if you had the old version and had upgraded you could easily have updated to the new DLO as well and still be pushing out DLO agents and referring to it as part of Backup Exec so I as just checking.

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does 2012 still use DLO, I installed the "agent for windows" on the clients

DLO is no more integrated in BE2012, now its a seperate product

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The default XP firewall needs an amendment before you can push install have you done that?

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Can you assist in what the amendment should be?  I can't find where to set port numbers on the server and none of the ports/programs I've tried seem to work.