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Agents not connecting to task servers

Created: 04 Apr 2013 • Updated: 06 May 2013

Hello all, we are running into a situation where newly imaged computers, and computers that get their agents restarted, or the Symantec Services restarted cannot connect to task servers. They are stuck in "Shutting down" status. I realized that the AD account that the services use was locked out. I unlocked it, issue still happening. I checked the logs and realized that there is an error "ClientTaskServerMaxComputerLimitExceededException", so I followed the KB and increased the allowed computers, and I checked the box to allow computers to go over the limi, and the issue is still happening. Now the log is clear of errors but those agents are still stuck in "shutting down". One thing to note: if I add specific computers manually to select task servers, the agents pick up the server just fine. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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