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AIR replication in conjunction with local tape backups

Created: 19 Dec 2013 • Updated: 19 Dec 2013 | 3 comments
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Good Morning All,

I have just finished setting up our production environment and we have 1 month of successful backups. My next step is to set up my DR site (in production) and to enable AIR. I had a couple issues with this in my test setup a couple of months back but this time everything seems to be running great but I have a few questions if you dont mind:

I would like my daily incremental backups to have a 2 week retention and my weekly Full backups to have 1 Month retention, with the SLP I can only set a single retention unless I create a separate backup policy and SLP for the weekly. I am fine wiht this if there is no workaround and I will just set everything to 1 month and use some more storage if I have to.

Secondly, and more importantly, I would like to have a monthly backup that runs off to tape with infinite retention and the only way I can seem to do this is to create a separate schedule under each policy and override policy storage for that schedule, is this the way or is there a way from doing this from within my SLP? I would Ideally like to run one of my weekly full backups to disk and then to tape (but just once a month).

The SLP is currently configured to a Backup operation and then a secondary Replication operation.

Hopefully this all makes sense!



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For different retentions, create different SLPs.

Create one policy with different schedules. 
In each schedule, select 'override policy storage unit' and select the relevant SLP.

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you can achive all by using the SLP.

1) for the 1st one..

you does not need to create the seperate policy.. just have the mulitiple schedules ( 2 schedules 1 for incr and 1 for fulll) also create a 2 SLPs .. one for Daily Incrmental with required retenction.. and another for Weekly full with Required retenction.

in the policy schedule use the overwrite policy schedule and select Daily SLP for incrmental scheudle and Weekly SLP for Weekly schedule..

just having the 2 SLPs will do the work for you .. no need to go for Mulitple Policies or additiional storage.

2) for 2nd one..

make sure the SLP the you use for Monthly jobs have the 2 operations 

1) backup with the desired retenction for the disk

2) 2nd operation should be duplication with the Tape Storage unit along with the retenctin as infinity.

and assing this SLP to the Monthly Schedule


finally your requirement in high level view is

need to have a backup daily with 2 week retenction

weekly with  1 month retenction

Monthly with some retenction on disk and Infinity on Tape.


and you need 3 SLP along with 3 Schedules in each policy.. that is all...

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Thanks both,

Marianne I think that, for simplicity's sake I will go with your option, I will just retain the daily data for a month too, it only makes a few TB difference as we are deduplicating. Then I will add the monthly full with override.

Merry christmas for next week!