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Alert Path = "Unavailable"

Created: 06 Sep 2013 | 5 comments


we have some alerts where Alert Path = "Unavailable". What is the reason of this ?

All other alerts are ok (excepted summarized data of course)...

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You should see it as summarized data

Events that are used to create a summarized data event are called compressed when the summary event is created. Those are the events that get deleted, not the summary event.

if the event is deleted then the path wont be available.(To adjust the settings that apply to compressed events in SEPM, go to Admin > Servers > Site Properties Database.)
If you look at the details of a summarized event, the File/Path section will show each folder where individual detections occurred. This is because the original events are still in the database and can be referenced by the summary event. When enough time has passed, the File/Path section no longer shows the same details. This is because the original records have been deleted based on the "Delete Compressed Events" setting. The summarized event is still a Risk Event and its deletion is governed by the "Delete Risk Events" setting.
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file has not been deleted but put in quarantine. And the report is not Summarized data but Path unavailable.

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Are they Auto-Protect detections? In my experience it means it's a file was deleted before it had a chance to write to the hard drive.

I'd check the link provided by James007, too.

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Auto-Protect is on. Does that mean file is treated in memory ? Can it be on memory before hard drive ?