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Alerts should be sent via email as well as SMS

Created: 04 Oct 2013 | 8 comments

In the  >  ClientNet   >  ,    you can set up alerts via SMS (text message).   That is good and we do use it. 

However, should send those same alerts via SMTP email to my email address.

I have asked about this before.
The usual answer is ---  if the problem is with the email system, then sending the alert via email will not work, because email is broken--.

I understand that idea.

However, in  most situations I recall over the last few years, sending the Alert via email would have worked very well.   Many times it would have been delivered right away, and in other cases perhaps a small delay.   

In any case it would be our preferred mehtod to receive those Alerts.

SMS is nice.

But it is not always the answer.

The News Alerts and Service Alerts should also be sent via email.
We do not visit the ClientNet web page "every few hours" just to check to see if there is a new Service Alert.

It just seems really obvious to me that a company that is in the "email business" can send a few simple alert messages via email.

Just about any device now-a-days sends emails.
Why it that so difficult for Symantec,cloud ?

Would be interested to hear if this would be useful to other people.


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Sym_Chris's picture

This is a very interesting post for me. I was interested to see what the reponses were, however after 10 days I thought it better if I contributed directly.

I am part of a team looking at our incident communications and alerting. This has been a priority for us for a little while, as we are constrained by some legacy systems and need to work to replace them with something up to date.

The team would love to speak with customers such as Mike-SMTP-250 to understand a little more about their needs in this area. If Mike or anyone else is interested in talking to us about this area, please let me know directly and we'll arrange a call.

Mike-SMTP-250's picture

Thanks for the Reply.

     ...after 10 days...

I am new to Symantec Connect forums,...but it does seem "quiet" here. 

Not sure why...

I sent a "private message".  


Mordac the Preventer's picture

welcome to the forum.  

suggestions for product enhancements are in the ideas section where we can vote up or down suggestions.

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If there are major outages or issues you do get emailed.  We're a .cloud customer and reseller and get emailed if there are issues with datacentres etc.  I am not sure if this is because we're a customer, or because we're a reseller.  If I could get that clarified that'd be great.

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Mike-SMTP-250's picture

Thanks for the Reply.
We are a customer.
We are not a reseller.
I wonder if somone in your group can use the "admin" or "configuration" system to see if there is a place to add an email address to receive notifications.
As a customer, we do not see that anywhere.



Alex_CST's picture

Further investigation leads me to say that its for the LiveOffice part of .cloud, which will cover email Archiving and Encryption:

Symantec Software Release Maintenance Notification: Amsterdam (EU) Data Center - Cancelled

The following maintenance has been cancelled and will be rescheduled upon further notice.

Symantec has updated the original August 6, 2013 date and time that we will be conducting our quarterly software release during our normal maintenance window in our Amsterdam data center. The updated date will be on Tuesday August 20, 2013 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM (GMT-7). Access to Personal Archive, Discovery Archive and the Administration console, will not be available during this time

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you, LiveOffice-Symantec Team

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Mike-SMTP-250's picture

@Alex_CST  --  Thanks for the reply.
I am not familiar with the LiveOffice part of Symantec.
I assume that "Live" is not the same as the "Microsoft Live"  ( which MSFT used for Hotmail, Skydrive, etc. for a while.

In any case, it looks like Symantec does indeed know how to send "alerts via email".   surprise --

I hope they add that function to email ("MessageLabs") soon.