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All drives goes to AVR mode

Created: 24 May 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
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I am facing issues with the backups with Veritas NetBackup, the infrastructure we are using is below

1. Veritas NetBackup 5.1 Mp4

2. Quantum P7000/P4000 Tape Libraries

3. Master & Media servers are HP-DL380 with Windows 2003 Entprise Server

and having the below issues

1. All drives will go to AVR mode.

2. Backup jobs will stuck in mounting stage.

3. In the job details : - Warning bptm(pid=4572) media id W231S3 is unavailable (in a DOWN drive, misplaced, or not available for another reason), attempting retry with a different media id
5/25/2007 10:24:41 AM - mounting W237S3

Note:- above mentioned media available in the library and its in scratch pool.

4. Finally jobs fails with 52/83/84 status code.

Please help to resolve this issue.

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AVR mode means that NetBackup can not talk to the robotics of the library. It could mean that "tldcd" is not running or the SCSI pass-through connection to the robot is not working. First look in the system logs to see if there is anything obvious there. Secondly create /usr/openv/volmgr/debug/daemon and /usr/openv/volmgr/debug/tpreq directiories on the media servers (or the equivalent folder on windoze boxes). If you find something obvious, then you can fix it. If not send the relevant information back to this forum and we will try to help.

Good Luck.

Patrick Whelan

Senior NetBackup Specialist

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Pat, Truely appreciate your reply. Could you please let me know how to enable the debug logs in windows 2003. Thanks again for your help.
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From Veritas NetBackup 5.1 Media Manager System Administrator's Guide for Windows -

Media Manager Log Files

The following table contains descriptions of important Media Manager log files.

Log Files                                                                        Log File Description Note

Event Viewer                            Contains general Media Manager logging, including errors.

daemon/ddmmyy.log    Contains debug information for the NetBackup Volume Manager

                  Service(vmd) and its associated processes (oprd and rdevmi).

                  The path is install_path\volmgr\debug\daemon.


reqlib/ddmmyy.log       Contains debug information on the processes that request vmd. 

                  The path is install_path\volmgr\debug\reqlib

tpcommand/ddmmyy.log    Contains debug information for device configuration.

                  Includes information for tpconfig, tpautoconf, and the NetBackup GUIs.

                  The path is install_path\volmgr\debug\tpcommand

ltid/ddmmyy.log          Contains debug information for ltid, the NetBackup Device Manager service.

                                                  The path is install_path\volmgr\debug\ltid.

robots/ddmmyy.log        Contains debug information for SCSI robotic processes. Includes information for tldcd, tl8cd, tl4d, rsmd,

                                                   and tshd processes.

                                                   The path is install_path\volmgr\debug\robots

The Media Manager Configuration File (vm.conf)

The install_path\volmgr\vm.conf file contains configuration entries for media and device management. This file is usually created by NetBackup, but if it does not exist you need to create it to add entries.

Entries in this configuration file are read and interpreted on the host where the NetBackup component (command, daemon, process, or utility) that is using a specific entry is running. This host may be a NetBackup administration client or a server where administration operations are requested.

See "Example vm.conf File" on page 375 for an example configuration file.


Verbose Message Logging


If this entry is specified in vm.conf, all Media Manager components on the host are started with verbose logging enabled.

Use this option only if problems occur or if requested by VERITAS support. After the problem is resolved, remove any debug logs that were created or add a DAYS_TO_KEEP_LOGS entry.

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Message Edited by Rakesh Khandelwal on 05-25-200711:59 AM