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ALL LOCAL DRIVES as backup selection

Created: 29 Mar 2012 • Updated: 30 Mar 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

I need a clarification on backup selection list.

Is the backup selection "ALL LOCAL DRIVES"  is equal to  " / + cross mount point" selected for both Unix & Wintel client servers?

In best practise which backup selection is best to select  for Windows and Unix servers.

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(some times you need to so something special - like for a cluster)

for UNIX

all local drives is like - all file systems

/ (does not cross mount points so it does not backup stuff twice)




if you do multi streams you will get one job for each FS - if you do not do multi streams you will get 1 job (  you will see messages that /var is a separate fs skipping - that just means while it is backing up / it is skipping the mount points but will latter in the job pick up /var)

same for windows  if multi stream you will get one job for each Drive like C E F G

if not multi stream you will get one job that gets them all


time and beefiness of server is where you make your decision

small server might not be able to handle too many streams at once and may be small enough to only do 1 or 2 streams at a time

a big server may not finish in time if it only runs 1 job - it just might take too long so would need to run 2 or 3 streams at once.


to make it easy

make a policy that does All Local Drives

set it to multi streams

any small servers that have problems running more than one stream at a time you can limit - by adding the server name to the master server attributes/client attributes/ and setting it to 1 or 2 streams only.


it comes down your needs - getting the backup done within your window - so you have to play with it some.

some people believe in as few polices as possible -  so one for windows, one for UNIX ...

some believe in 1 policy per server  - you need to decide for yourself what is the best way YOU can manage it.

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In addition to excellent post from JH, please do not make changes in the middle of the week when incrementals are due. It will cause incrementals to run as full.

Only make changes when full backups are due.

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