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All network traffic blocked by Endpoint

Created: 07 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment
Hi all.
I get some trouble on Symantec Endpoint Protection..
The history was...
One of the Notebook (call notebook A) contain virus before and detected (Symantec Endpoint Protection manager also detected)
then I try to format and reinstall Windows XP , test the network connection was ok at that moment..
after deploy the Endpoint , I found that all the network traffic was blocked. (it's display on the "view network activity" , even do a ping test also request timeout ...orz..)
Is that any special setting can be solve this problem on Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager ?
(I just afriad is that any history will be save at the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, so that it doesn't allow notebook A connect to the network...)
1. try to uninstall the endpoint on the notebook A it becomes work.
2. try to deploy another notebook B also ok.
Please give me some advise , thanks so much!!!!!!!

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Damar Software Solutions's picture

Please correct me if i am wrong, you currently have two notebooks.

Notebook A
Notebook B

Both notebooks work fine without Symantec Endpoint installed but after installing the client the network access is blocked, just to clear this up is this happening on both notebooks or just the one and also where is the Symantec endpoint manager installed?

There are a few issues that could be causing this but it sounds like a similar issue to when i first installed endpoint, please login to the Symantec endpoint protection manager and go to policies.

Once in the policy settings select edit on the firewall policy then select rules.

From there i would suggest changing the following rules from block to allow.

Allow Ping, Pong and Tracert
Block Local File Sharing

Once you have made these changes save the rules and return to the policies page, select the policy and assign to your network group.

Test the issue again & let me know the result.


M Riley