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All-in-One Recovery DVD Set

Created: 01 Feb 2013 | 4 comments


Heres the situation.

Recently our Company has decided to ship images with each of our Servers. I have been using using an external HDD for storing my images and a BootCD created with the Ghost Boot Wizard. Our thought was to purchase 16GB flashdrives and put the Ghost Bootable Media and our image on each and to modify the boot section to automatically select and install our image. Well that all seems pretty straightforward and we were going to do that until we were provided by Dell 2 DL-DVDs. The first DVD contains half of our image as well as the Ghost Bootable Media(looks like they used VistaPE, not WinPE), and the second DVD has the other half of the image. It did exactly what I was going to have our USB flashdrives do. Can anyone provide me with some information on how I could do this?

My thoughts were that I would need to make an ISO of the bootable Ghost Media and create a split image onto my HDD. Combine some of the split image into the iso and burn it to disc. Burn the rest to the next disc. Or is there any easier way to do this?

Thank you much!

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1. Do you have a distribution license for Ghost?  The licensing model is one per machine.

2. You can specify the -split parameter on the Ghost command line which will determine the size of each image file. You can therefore split the image into several files and copy them to different DVDs.

3. Bear in mind that your WinPE boot system will need appropriate drivers added for NIC and SATA chipsets for each of the models you need to support. Avoid DOS boot media as it's not able to support modern hardware.  The version of WinPE that ships in Ghost is based on the Vista kernel, so you need to use Vista 32 bit drivers.

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Yes, licensing is not an issue. I am also aware of the need to add additional drivers for supporting various machines. Deploying the images is not an issue.

I am looking to have a Ghost WinPE DVD that also contain parts of the image so on boot it will automatically begin the restore process. So what I'm asking is whats the best way to include my image file in the bootable media? Would it be during the Ghost Boot Wizard where it asks if I would like to include additional files or is there a better way to do this?


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Pls try the articles mentioned below,

How to create a bootable CD/DVD that includes an existing image on the same CD/DVD.

You need to automate the restore of an image from a CD/DVD but find that the CD-Rom drive letter is not consistent in Windows PE and this prevents you from automating the restore of an image from CD/DVD.

If you have an existing image ,which is a single file, use Ghost Explorer to split the image .Open image with Ghost Explorer .File->Compile and specify the split size along with new file name

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Thanks Maneesh. This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for.