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All online clients have been updated to the latest virus definitions

Created: 20 Mar 2013 | 10 comments

I am running SEPM 12.1.2015.2015  and my AV devifinitions out of date email (which NORMALLY contains host information) now simply tells me I have x machines with defnitions out of date and then the lin

"All online clients have been updated to the latest virus definitions"

Which - obviously - they are not.

The only reference I could find in the forums said it was fixed in this release...  apparently not :(

How can I fix this?

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Brɨan's picture

Did you confirm these clients wer out of date?

Could be a cosmetic bug of some sort. You may need to call support.

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Can you delete the existing report/ notification and create one and check still you getting the alerts for Virus definition out of date.

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Can you post the screen shot. wanted to see who is sending it out.

What components you have installed? all the components of SEP?

delete the notification and recycle SEPM service.

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I have deleted/recreated/rebooted.  Still happening.

I have attached the's being sent out from the Email Address with which I configured the server.

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Interesting.....:) whats the notification condition set in SEPM? under monitors -notification condiition.?

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Notify if 35 computers have defs more than 5 days old.

Send email to the address which it does.

This all just suddenly changed from last week when it used to list machine names etc quite happily.

Rafeeq's picture

Should be a bug then. Need to know how its calculating this data . 

if you pull out a report for computers with old definition from report tab. do they come up with any systems?

we need to wait till RU3 release notes come up.