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All vx commands hanging

Created: 18 Jul 2012 | 2 comments

Can' request any vx commands anymore on a 2 node redhat clustered servers.

vxdisk list "command shows no output and hangs"

vxdg list "command shows no output and hangs"

Can't create/add any volumes in VXVM anymore.

Message in /var/log/messages:

 grborac01p02 kernel: VxVM vxio V-5-3-1160 vol_disk_change_iopolicy: TIMEOUT timeout = f1

Any idee 's how to solve this?

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You could try restarting vxconfigd by running:

vxconfigd -k -m enable

But I normally find this doesn't work and vxconfig can't be killed and in these instances I have had to reboot, but you could log a call with Symantec if "vxconfigd -k -m enable" doesn't work and they may be able to determine what has made vxconfigd hang ans whether the vol_disk_change_iopolicy message is relevant, although you normally need to start vxconfigd in debug mode and wait for it to hang again to see what is wrong, but a crash dump will probably also help Support identify issue.


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These type of issues may be difficult to judge upon as there could be multiple possibilities ..

Can you give more details on (from some old outputs if you have)

1. what is OS version ?

2 what is vxvm version ?

3.  an output of

# ps -ef |grep -i vxconfigd

any clue on what happened recently with the server ?

are you using any snapshots or any recent syncing activity was happening ?


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