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Created: 28 Aug 2013 | 8 comments
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I have a NBU master running on Windows 2008, and 2 NBU media's rinning Windows 2003, all at NBU   Most of the clients are running NBU 6.5   WE have been getting a good number of RC 13 on ouir windows server backups.   The Backup Selection List contains ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.   When I changed one of the failed policies to use the actual drive letters that were on the server, it did not get the RC 13.   Can someone tell why this might be.   Is this a known situation ?   How can I continue using ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES (which I really prefer doing)

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Do the backups fail instantly. When you use ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES the master server has to get a list of drives from the client by connecting to it.

When you specify the drives letters, only the media server connects to the client.

Also, did you specify the SYSTEM STATE / Shadow Copy Components in your manual selection in the policy as ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES should pick that up automatically.

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Is 'Allow multiple data streams' selected in policy attributes? Good idea as this will split client backups into individual streams for drive letters, giving a better chance to succeed.

PLEASE upgrade your clients! NBU 6.5 is no longer supported and clients will probably use VSP by default instead of VSS that is the default in 7.x.

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I did include the Shadow Copy CVomponents, and System State to the manual run.   Some of these clients are Windows 2000, so they can't be upgraded to NBU   I will try the Allow multiple data streams and see if that helps

Thanks  Will report my findings

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Please only enable multiple streams when a full backup is due, otherwise it will cause incremental backups to run as full.

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THe ALLOW_MULTIPLE_DATA_STREAMS did not work.   Still getting the RC 13's   I will try to get as many clients as I can upgraded to and see if that helps.   

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You should note that ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES includes the System State / Shadow Copy Components and they do not need to be specified seperately.

If you try and run the directive of Shadow Copy Components against a Windows 2000 or XP system it will fail

If you need to use C:\, D:\, System State or similar then split your policies between 2003 and later servers and 2000 and earlier ones so that you can use System State for the 2000 / XP Servers and Shadow Copy Components for the 2003 and above ones

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the input;  It looks as if there are many problems and solutiuons involved here.  Treating each one seperartely.  Thanks again

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methinks Mark_Solutions advice if followed may fix your problem. I also frequently use multistreaming to track down first the drive and then the folder that may be causing the code 13. This code is one of the hardest to isolate and fix. It is general type of error that could be caused by a full/fragmented disk or changing open file. Divide and conquer by using multistream and NEW_STREAM directive in the filelist.

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