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Allow a block application?

Created: 24 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments

1) I have tried adding, setting, changing and whatever to the Firewall policies, to allow an in house written application to run and contact our server with it's in-house written app-server. I can see in the log for Intrusion Prevention that it is being blocked.

The only thing that works is in Intrusion Prevention I allowed all traffic between server and workstation IP's. But doing this for the whole office whould remove a layer of protection. There much be a better way???

2) What is "Search for Applications" for? With a bit of work it searches and finds what I want, but then there is nothing that can be done with it. Would be nice if you could allow/block the found application.

Not happy with SEP, as this is all after SEP11 broke our WSUS and had to rebuild the whole server to the get the two to work together.


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1. try adding a Centralized Exception for your app either by folder name or identify the process. This should keep IPS from bagging it.
2. One of the options is to have the EPP client upload all the running processes from a client. If you do that you can then use tyhe search function to find specific apps.
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Putting it in Centralized Exception worked! Thanks (That is worth a Beer! If you are ever in Milwaukee) EPP client?