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Allow deletion of archived Elements after x days

Created: 18 Apr 2013 • Updated: 29 Apr 2013 | 14 comments
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I´m searching for a possibility to allow user to delete archived items after a specific time range. We only use EV (EV 10 for Exchange) as technical archive to clean up mailboxes etc.

Mailboxes were scanned from EV to archive all Email Elements older than 2 weeks. After 90 days the user should have the possibility to delete mails with the archive explorer.

Maybe there is a possibility to change the retention category of elements after the given time and allow users to delete mails in this new retention category?

Thanks in advance


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Arjun Shelke's picture

There is no such a setting in Retention category which can allow users to delete items after X days from thier archives. But if you really want them to delete items from thier archives then I would rather do following:

1. From Site properties >> Archive settings >> Check the box:

"Users can delete items from thier archives"

2. Check the second box as well:

"Enable recovery of user deleted items"

3. Number of days until items are permanently deleted : 90 Days

4. Restart Admin service and sync the users.

This will allow users to delete any archived item from thier archives, but permanent deletion of an archived item will be after 90 days.

When you enable recovery, user deleted item will be removed from the Index, hence from Search and archive explorer. (But if required they can recover the item within 90 days)

I hope this helps..

Jakob's picture


Better then nothing... but not realy a satisfying solution. There is no possibility to change the retention category of archived elements to another one?


Arjun Shelke's picture can change the retention category of archived items to another one, but you said you want to allow users to delete items after certain days which cant be managed by retention. You can use retention category for auto deletion/expiry of archived items after certain days though.

Jakob's picture

But you can allow deletion of elements in the options of the retention category... So the user will be able to delete elements in this category.

Arjun Shelke's picture

exactly but thats a permanent thing, once you choose to prevent deletion in this category, neither storage expiry nor users can delete items in that category. But if you choose to allow users to delete, then users will be abl to delete items from day one, which means anything archived today can be deleted. You want users to delete items only after 90 days..right? So using this category options we cannot resctrict users to not to delete items before 90 days.

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How can i change the retention category after the items are archived? Can i do it automatically with an sql script e.g. or can the user do it by himself? I think if its possible i would choose this way...

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Jakob, if you want to change retention category because you want a different length of retention, then it's best to keep the same category but alter the length.

For example if you have:

Category: 500 days

Category: 300 days

And you want to change items from 300 days to 500 days, just change the interval on that second category, rather than trying to move items in to the first category.

Jakob's picture

Hi Rob,

i want to change the retention category because i want to make it possible to delete elements in this category.

Thats how i want to get it working:

1. Enable deletion of archived Elements in the site settings

2. Disable deletion of archived Elements in Retention Category A

3. Enable deletion of archived Elements in Retention Category B

4. Change the retention category of archived Elements older then 90 Days from A to B 

But i don´t know how to do step 4 ?:)

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That's my point. Changing which retention category items are in, is a 'bad thing'.  It's not easy.

It is better to make Category A, look like Category B.

Jakob's picture


I will check if that´s the way how i can solve this... I have to try it.

I will inform you about the result.

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It is also worth remembering that retention category can be changed, to some extent.

So for items that have shortcuts, this article might help:

There is also at least one third party tool that might help:

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Hi Jakob,

Your requirement seems to be valid to me which indeed requires less admin intervention.

I would suggest you to post an idea in the ideas section of this forum which is regularly monitored by the engineering team and PMs.


Thanks and Regards, Backup Exec, BESR, Enterprise Vault

Jakob's picture

@Rob: I will check the third party tool if it´s usefull

@Liferhytm: Thank you for the hint. I´ve created a post in the ideas section: