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Allow only Tape Device perform cleaning

Created: 08 Oct 2012 • Updated: 10 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi, Currently I have a HP StorageWorks MSL4048. I have 1 cleaning tape in each of the drives. I have the tape device unit configured to perform drive cleaning when it is required. How should netbackup be configured so that it allows the tape device to perform drive cleaning when required.

Also how can I get netbackup to ignore the cleaning tapes? Do I need to assign them to some unused pool?

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IF you want to manage cleaning in NetBackup, just add cleaning tape with appropriate media type. If your tape drive is configured with hcart2 type, you need to add cleaning tape as hcart2_clean(1/2" cleaning tape) type.

Or, if you want ro manage cleaning in MSL4048 and do not want to initiate cleaning from NetBackup, set 'number of cleanings remaining' as 0 for each cleaning tape.

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I don't understand this statement?

 I have 1 cleaning tape in each of the drives

Please explain? Cleaning tapes not in robot slots?

Does your robot have dedicated slots for cleaning media?

Two ways to configure tape cleaning:
1. Managed by the robot:
Cleaning tapes are in dedicated slots in the robot. These slots are not visible to NBU.

2: Managed by NBU:
Cleaning tapes in normal slots, in None pool and defined as Cleaning tapes.

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Hi Marianne, I meant to say cleaniong tapes are in robot slots ready for drive cleaning.

The robot does not have dedicated slots as such for cleaning taes. However it can recogonize cleaning tapes by reading the barcode. 

So I wish to perform option 2 robotic cleaning. So I guess I need to do as Yasuhisa was saying and set 'number of cleanings remaining' to 0? 

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No, if you want to manage drive cleaning from NetBackup, you should not set 'number of cleanings remaining' to 0. This means this cleaning tape can not be used anymore.

Instead, add cleaning tape into NetBackup with appropriate type(e.g. hcart2_cleaning or '1/2" cleaning tape'), and set 'number of cleanings remaining' grater than 0. Universal cleaning tape for Ultrium drives can be used up to 50.

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Have a look in the Admin guide Volume 2 under "Reference Topics" it discusses NBU TapeAlert and tape drive cleaning